The genesis of MatriXamc lies in the creation of its parent company, Meetings Etc., in fall of 1999. On our 10 year anniversary in 2009, we rebranded the corporation to better reflect the clients that we serve. Over the years, our experience has afforded us the opportunity to expand our association management services to include full management services or conference management alone. 

If saving time and financial resources is valuable to you and working with an AMC that is small enough to know your members by name sounds appealing, then contact us to see what we could do for your association. Contact us to submit a request for proposal for services. We look forward to the opportunity of working with you and to service your members.

Below is a little history about the company and the services we provide.


MatriXamc is a meeting planning and association management company (AMC) located in the United States.  We currently manage several organizations/projects, many for long terms of service, both nationally and internationally. Current clients include: the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists (ACVO - since 2002), the American Board of Veterinary Ophthalmology (ABVO - since 2013), the ACVO/StokesRx National Service Animal Eye Exam event (since 2007), the American Veterinary Dental College (AVDC - since 2015), the Veterinary Dental Forum (VDF - since 2013), the Foundation for Veterinary Dentistry (F4VD; formerly the separate entities of the Foundation and Society - since its inception in 2016), the Academy of Veterinary Dentistry (AVD - since 2015), the International Equine Ophthalmology Consortium (IEOC - since 2009), the Idaho Conference on Alcohol and Drug Dependency (ICADD - since 2007) Foundation and the Idaho Board of Alcohol/Drug Counselor Certification, Inc. (IBADCC - since 2007). Additionally our company provides in-house conference and registration services and website management services for these clients.

Sharing Best Practices

Management of similarly structured entities has afforded us the opportunity to provide consulting services to related organizations, and within the organizations we manage. With our clients' permission, we share working knowledge of systems and programs between them with a goal to encourage best practices for all.

MatriXamc is not 'just another management company', our client load is intimate and focused on specialty areas in a limited number of professional fields. Several of these are credentialing organizations where accuracy is essential! It is our policy that current clients are consulted for conflicts when we consider taking on new clients.


Due to our extensive experience in oversight of credentialing programs, at times we have been asked to serve as an external consultant with similar entities to help facilitate and guide their internal organizational structure and reorganization processes. Our team can appreciate the sensitive and critical nature of management of these board-certification processes and take upmost care when advising and providing services to our clients.

Meeting Planning & Website Services

Several government agencies in the states of Idaho, Wyoming, Utah and Montana and international non-profit membership organizations have benefited from our planning services and cost cutting measures. We have provided meeting and association management services for groups as small as a dozen to over 2,300 attendees/members. Matrix can provide stand-alone conference and trade show management for professional organizations.

Management and Staff

The co-owners of the company share 35 years of combined executive management experience. MatriXamc’s experienced in-house support staff is as deep as is needed for our client load at any particular time. We utilize several highly trained staff and program managers who service clients’ needs on a personal basis. One of our company’s primary goals is to ensure that the memberships of these organizations are treated as individuals and the needs of each organization are treated in a customized manner. We do not advocate an AMC structure that leaves members confused or feeling poorly serviced by being transferred to multiple departments, therefore each organization has specifically assigned staff.
MatriXamc is unique in that we serve a select professional clientele. Our knowledge base of medical and credentialing organizations helps us provide their members with accurate and friendly customer service quickly. We have found that professional medical organizations do not have the luxury of down-time when transitioning their management to our care therefore our expertise in their service needs makes this process as swift and painless as possible. MatriXamc’ staff is able to step into a management role with very little down time. 

Benefits of Working with an AMC

Contracting with an Association Management Company (AMC) provides organizations with an experienced full-time staff, office hours and resources. This is especially beneficial for emerging organizations that currently need ‘part-time’ or incremental support but wish to expand and may need more complete member services. We have also helped struggling well-established organizations by providing consulting services prior to management transition, with a goal to assist the organization to more smoothly transition and begin instantly benefiting from our service. With MatriXamc, the foundation is already laid to accommodate and facilitate growth.
Each industry has its own specific set of needs, problems and expertise. Matrix’ staff can anticipate most of these needs and therefore is easily able to provide similar groups an efficiency of scale. Our management team consults internally and shares the ideas and successes between all of our groups, many of our clients find this structure very beneficial as they reap the reward of learning from other experiences.
Within our AMC each association receives customized one-on-one service and is assigned specific contact person(s) to serve as the executive management, and support staff who liaison directly with each board of directors and its members. All office staff and management are made aware of the general needs of each group and can provide services if key players are not available at any given moment. This breadth of experience also provides security for smaller groups who currently house all of their intellectual property with one individual. After all, what is the disaster plan if this individual suddenly quits or tragedy strikes? MatriXamc’ highly trained staff can efficiently step into multiple roles that are needed.

Save Money

Overhead is shared within an AMC, therefore contracting with one can save financial resources. Organizations do not have to outlay additional capital to cover rent, utilities, purchase equipment, computers, or software. Associations that work with AMCs do not absorb time and expenses related to hiring or payroll processing, nor pay additionally for benefits such as retirement, vacation, even social security matching. All of these expenses are absorbed through one reasonable and predictable management fee.