Financial Management


One of our clients made over $2,000 last year toward FREE credit card charges to their organizational credit card. The same client also received the equivalent of $10,000 savings in free rooms for staff and committees at their annual conference while picking up another $2,000 room credit for future use.  Another client received an $8,000 payment from their conference hotel toward their master bill. Yet another has seen their exhibit and sponsor income triple under our aggressive management. We and pleased to use many "tricks of the trade" to help your organization save its resources!

It is difficult for organizations to make the tough decisions needed to tighten spending. Let us advise your association based on our budgeting and operational experiences with dozens of groups.  A recent example includes a client that MatriXamc began working three years ago whose board came to us with a meeting that earned them about $2,000-$3,000 net per year.  After evaluating and helping the board prioritize spending and reorganize the budget, we were able to carve approximately $XX,000 out of their annual spending.  Once that savings was coupled with a comprehensive plan to increase income, that group now sees an average $55,000 profit from their annual conference each year.  Similar results have been achieved with other organizations we have worked with

Bring your organization into the 21st century!  We can computerize your association’s financial management process and make it available in an online secure format.  Your organization could benefit from seeing detailed breakdown of income and expense categories annually and compare this with budgets or previous years’ financial's. All of this can be accomplished while allowing your Treasurer complete oversight of the process online.  Our staff is fully bonded and insured.
We can handle every aspect of financial management, major categories highlighted below:

  • Budget development
  • Cost cutting and spending recommendations
  • Detailed expense/income tracking
  • Bill pay and credit card management
  • Online banking
  • Investment management oversight
  • Review and organization of investments
  • Full reconciliation