Summary of Services


Customer Service, office presence
Fully trained about client organizations, customer service representatives are equipped with tools and resources to deliver superior service and are kept up to date on membership renewals, conference registrations, publications, products, and services. All calls are handled by knowledgeable individuals for quick, accurate answers without rerouting.
MatriXamc is large enough to offer many services to full and part-time clients, but small enough that your organization will know every individual assigned to the group.

Database Management and Data Integrity
Experienced data entry staff at MatriXamc adhere to policies and procedures specified by each client. Accurate data entry and maintenance is critical for any organization, this is especially the case for the many professional credentialing organizations that we work with. Accuracy is what these members depend on for their professional licensure.
Years of experience have created an environment within which we can innovate to tailor solutions to each unique client. Our technical expertise can be used to streamline data management. Utilizing data collection methods where your members’ data entries and self-corrections are automatically stored reduces resource needs while increasing accuracy.  

Finance and Accounting
Finance and accounting services handle the day-to-day operation of systematically recording, reporting, and analyzing financial transactions, offering guidance and expertise.

Experienced Staffing
All of MatriXamc’s services can offer additional interim staffing to any client for tasks as varied as data entry, financial and accounting support, on-site conference registration, online registration services, communications campaigns, etc. Clients who need staffing to support a segment of their operations for one day or many months can quickly be backed by highly trained, experienced personnel. This also works well for the client who may have very part-time weekly work but would benefit from full time staff coverage.

Membership Servicing
Knowledgeable member service staff are highly trained to serve each of our client's unique member services. Including such things as management of product sales, online member services, developing non-dues revenue sources, designing unique conference schedules, handling renewals and editing publications.

Enhance Membership Value with Referral Networks
Provide enhanced membership value for prospective and current members through the use of online referral networks. We build online membership referral databases, allowing the general public or peers to located members for consulting, speaking or other networking/business opportunities.

Process Improvement and Best Practice Implementation
Evaluating current procedures and practices, MatriXamc brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and technology expertise to the table, resulting in improved productivity and cost savings. Each organization is assigned a central Executive Director who is in charge of evaluations and  recommendations. Many times our third-party evaluations have saved tens of thousands for our clients.

Project Management
MatriXamc managers facilitate and control projects to achieve goals on time, within budget, and according to set performance standards. This could include such things as overseeing the strategic planning process or public relations campaigns, ensuring that assignments are made and systems are in place to create accountability for each stakeholder.   

Registration Services
Our registration services are streamlined utilizing in-house online registration technology. We have fine-tuned procedures and technologies to provide each client with the best solution possible for their needs. One example includes innovating a unique system which allowed group-registration pages for government clients and special pages organized to handle purchase orders or checks online.
 MatriXamc’s staff will successfully facilitate management of meetings and conferences throughout every step of the process. 

Website Services
MatriXamc can provide in-house web design and development, content management, e-commerce, custom application development, online registration, web hosting, broadcast email and integration with association management software. We also work with high quality vendors to provide affordable, on-demand and post-conference virtual meetings online.