Member & Administrative Management


Take your membership services to the next level by providing exciting opportunities for members to network and grow in their professional development. Create an atmosphere that fosters life long relationships.

We provide complete association management services which employ industry leading techniques in member communications, sponsorship and social networking. This is accomplished while maintaining a personal touch for your specific organization and its members’ needs.

Our goal is to use technology to bridge geographic barriers while fostering professional and social networking. These services provide an environment which promotes life long learning opportunities for your members and ultimately, buy-in to your association. Think…increased ROI from the members’ point of view.

Provide your members creative communication channels through the use of cutting edge conference continuing education programs, vendor shows, social events, listserves, RSS feeds, and media communications with your organization’s stakeholders.

MatriXamc represents the best in:

  • Managing the special needs of professional specialty colleges including: credentialing, examination, appeal processes, continuing education, ethics reviews.
  • Experience managing and growing professional associations and foundations.
  • Specialize in the development and implementation of cost cutting measures. Financial account management and coordination of third party audit services.
  • Research and management of investment securities for the benefit of member organizations.
  • Genesis and oversight of award-winning, national public relations campaigns. See: National Service Dog Eye Exam Day