Organizational Branding

Branding by definition is the coherent outward expression projected by an organization. A corporate brand is a product of an organization's corporate strategy, mission, image, and activities. Corporate brands distinguish organizations from their competitors, orient the organization in the minds of customers and employees, and create a perception of what an organization's mission and values encompass. 

Organizations typically benefit from developing a branding strategy which is reflected throughout their communications. There is much discussion in the business community as to what branding entails but it typically consists minimally of working within a company to determine a specific image, attained through a pre-determined ‘look’. This may include the design of business cards, brochures, publications (printed and digital) and websites, but it also includes subtleties like standard font usage in business communications or whether an organization spells a word ‘by-laws’, ‘Bylaws’ or ‘By laws’ in its documents.  A branding strategy creates a guide for staff to follow in order to achieve a cohesive look for your organization. Let us help your organization evaluate its image.