Membership & Administrative Management

The Matrix team provides comprehensive association management services to organizations with both part time or multiple person staffing needs, all under one roof. We can work with you to develop strong, quantitative goals for your organization, provide direction and support as needed, while using a personal touch to meet your members’ needs.

Our mission is to use highly trained in-house staff with cutting edge technology to bridge geographic and social barriers while a fostering professional image and growth among our non-profit clients.  Our team works diligently to foster an organizational environment that promotes life long learning opportunities for your members and ultimately, member buy-in to continue to strengthen your association. Many of our services are mentioned below, but contact us for more information.

MatriXamc specializes in:

  • Managing professional specialty non-profits, providing services in areas that may take too long for other management firms to master quickly enough for your candidates' needs. These typically involved management of professional credentialing programs for organizations that provide post-college certifications, including: credentialing systems, examination oversight, administration of appeals processes, continuing education development and trade show management, and guidance for the ethical review process.
  • Evaluating current systems for growth opportunities and providing guidance and execution of improved or innovative programs to achieve membership growth. 
  • The development and implementation of cost cutting measures; financial account management and coordination of third party audit services.
  • Creation of exciting new membership benefit programs.
  • Genesis and management of award-winning, national public relations campaigns.

Board Leadership and Support

Let our collective knowledge gained from managing multiple non-profits for over 20 years help guide your board to more efficient operations and processes. Our management team can help boards prioritize information, ensure IRS and financial compliance, tighten policies and procedures, streamline documents and redundancies within, and find ways to shorten painful board and committee meetings. Shorter, more efficient meetings can result in more content volunteers who are willing to remain involved long after their term is complete. We can work with board members to utilize tools of the industry in order to create a more cohesive mind-set and focus goals while avoiding ‘group think’.  MatriXamc's staff can develop training packages to educate and center your board members, utilize management tools to keep members advised of their tasks and time lines, even guide the organization through strategic planning sessions. Help give your board members the tools to accomplish lofty goals for your organization, take advantage of our experience in association management to take your board ‘out of the clouds to a 30,000 foot experience’.

Our team has experience managing geographically diverse boards whose members meet across several continents simultaneously; let us help leverage online technologies to bridge distance and language barriers.  Planning and deployment of organizational based online board and committee meetings can minimize the need for burdensome in-person meetings.

Financial Management

Our team is probably most proud of our ability to come into a new organization, find financial inefficiencies and increase net income for our clients.  your organization might be a non-profit but it could certainly benefit from a health bottom line to reinvest into new membership programs! A current client recently made thousands of dollars by simply by maximizing the use of their organizational 'rewards' credit card through our careful online oversight.  Another received the equivalent of $10,000 savings in free hotel rooms for staff and committees at their annual conference while picking up several more thousand in room credits toward their master bill.  Yet another has seen their exhibit and sponsor income triple under our proactive management. We and pleased to use many "tricks of the trade" to help your organization save its resources!

Sometimes helping the bottom line is as easy as evaluating an organization's profit and loss statement, working to correct inefficiencies that lead to higher than necessary expenses. It can be difficult for organizations to make the tough decisions needed to tighten spending, let us advise your association based on our budgeting and operational experiences with dozens of groups.  Recently through this process we were able to increase net profit for a small meeting (approx $150K budget), from only $3,000 per year with prior management to over $50,000 netted annually. After several years of management, this group now has a healthy savings and is looking at developing another educational program to help its members.  Similar results have been achieved with other organizations with which we have worked over the years.

We can handle every aspect of financial management, major categories highlighted below:

  • Financial review and budget development
  • Cost cutting and spending recommendations
  • Detailed expense/income tracking
  • Bill pay and credit card management
  • Merchant services management
  • Online banking
  • Investment management oversight
  • Review and organization of investments
  • Full reconciliation
  • Online review access for your financial officer

Communication & Publication Management

  • Management of professional journal development processes. 
  • Working with publishing companies to develop both printed and electronic organizational content and public relation campaigns.
  • In-house administration of social media channels and targeted media campaigns.
  • Development of digital content libraries.  These libraries can capture video and PowerPoint sessions at educational conferences, sync the content, make it searchable across multiple years of presentations, and all at the fingertips of your members as a benefit of being a part of your organization.  For some groups this has become a profit center for their organization.

Credentialing Services Management

The primary difference between hiring a management team that is experienced in overseeing a general non-profit, such as a home owners association or a local interest group, and a credentialing organization, is full understanding of a detailed timeline and process in order to legally protect an organization; we have experience in this area and can help limit your liability and exposure.

Our team can provide:

  • Management of professional development life cycle processes as they relate to specialty medicine and behavioral sciences
  • Residency program management
  • Credentialing systems management
  • Examination planning and oversight
  • Experience with online exam building tools for distributed instructor/collaborator teams
  • Management of practical, bench and written examination processes
  • Certification distribution
  • Maintenance of certification process management
  • Member ethical compliance tracking and reporting
  • Development of profession-specific computer based document management systems.
  • Management of profession specific document management systems which track the full life cycle of resident through boarded status.

Technical Services

  • Experience managing developers and service providers in the creation of large scale membership based content management systems (open source and propriety)
  • Work with large scale open source and propriety database platforms
  • Contract administration of website service providers
  • In-house website maintenance and membership help-desk services
  • In-house development of content and management of multiple platform media campaigns